Federal Oil
"Managing reputation in social media as the customer response center, engage the fans with online activity, bikers content update"
Forward Digital

More than 2 years managing social media for Federal Oil and won twice for social media awards in two years in a row

- 2020 Social Media Award 2020 untuk kategori 2 Wheel Engine Lubricant.
- 2021 Social Media Award 2021 untuk kategori 2 Wheel Engine Lubricants

This award presented by Marketing magazine in collaboration with MediaWave and the independent survey agency SurveyOne, to give recognition to companies that have good sentiment and share of voice (SOV) on social media as well as to brands that have achieved good performance in the digital world. .

Highlight Report yearly

Instagram Followers Growth more than 2 k in 5 month, 3 million reach on campaign and activity and 10 k engagment

Instagram Followers Growth more than twice bigger than last year