Full Service Agency mata air
mata air

Is a business unit of Artek Group specializing in media placement & media buying. Experienced in handling various local clients and government agencies Mata Air Communication has the ability to create strategies and implementation of various types of media placements to suit the client’s needs.


    The main service of Mata Air Communication today is:

  • 1 Provides strategies for choosing different types of media that suit your needs.

  • 2 Make media purchases from different platforms such as TV spot, built-in program, print, digital etc.
  • 3 Provides creative creation such as TVC to online banner video.

  • 4 Provides post-analysis media up to media recommendations.

Core Team

Yeni Marini

Experienced more than 20 years in the production of advertising films. Experienced in handling various clients such as Mayora, Kalbe Rohto, Bank BNI & Bank BJB.


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