Mata Air Communication is a business unit of the Artek Group that specializes in media placement & media buying.
Media Placement
Mata Air Comunnication

In February 2008, Mata Air Communication was launched. What started as a communication agency soon grew to encompass all forms of media including print, radio and television. 

With an integrated approach in mind,  campaigns are planned in order to  effectively deliver creative messages in a strategic way, an experience in handling various clients and government agencies, Mata Air Communication has the ability to strategize and implement various types of media placements according to client needs.

  • Provides strategies for choosing different types of media that suit your needs.
  • Make media purchases from different platforms such as TV spot, built-in program, print, digital etc.
  • Provides creative creation such as TVC to online banner video.
  • Provides post-analysis media up to media recommendations.


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