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With 38 years of experience in the advertising industry,
Artek & Partners has become one of the largest advertising companies in Indonesia and continues to grow into a group of communications companies that have more than 10 business units.
Because Artek & Partners specialization is the development of brand communication strategies to help the brand continue to grow, create an out of the box idea and execute it, integrate 360-degree brand content. In practice, Artek & Partners has strong local insights (Indonesia) as well as relevant supporting data. The ability to conduct qualitative research is also a Special Artek & Partners.



    The main service of ArteknPartners is:

    • 1 Brand Communication Strategy.
    • 2 Brand Architecture / Positioning / Brand Proposition / Touch Points / Platform.
    • 3 Creative Ideation & Execution Supervision
    • 4 Brand / Campaign Integration.
    • 5 Brand Lead Agency

Core Team

Rina Purnama, General Manager

Plays a role in establishing good relationships with clients and shareholders for more than a decade.

Doddy Vitarya, Business Director

Has experience in multinational agencies in Indonesia and Singapore.

Widyalupi Nonis, Executive Creative Director

Have experience in local and multinational agencies.

Erlinda Dewi, Account Director

Plays a role in establishing good relationships with clients and shareholders for more than a decade

Nina Yuliana, Account Director

Handles various accounts at Artek & Partners with experience in local and multinational agencies, as well as in Media.

Tati Hartono, Account Director

Handles multiple accounts at Artek & amp; Partners for long periods of time.

Rima Alatas, Strategic Planning Director

Have experience and high flying hours in both local and multinational agencies.


The legendary tradition that continues. Although not infrequently the story of ‘relic’ has limitations, but Roma Coconut successfully retained its position as a market leader, but still appropriate for young families.

Within 4 years, The Pucuk Harum has experienced brand acceleration and has successfully become a market leader in the RTD category.

Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company Hada Labo, Eye Flush, Lip Eyes, Khalisa has become a loyal partner of ArteknPartners in maintaining the success of its brand.

Is a multinational company engaged in the education industry. Starting with a minimal budget, only less than a year KPI to acquire customers has been achieved. Based on the success of this strategy then Quiper continues to increase its marketing budget. This succession communication strategy has been modeled and applied in other markets abroad.

Started as a challenger in the energy drinks category, has now led the market for more than a decade with ArteknPartners.